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Quinta Sao Pedro, Lisbon, Portugal

We are happy to welcome you back! 




9 days


980 €

1 Week Fasting includes a single/double room, transport to and from the airport. Fasting alimentation will be provided, additionally, there will be sports activities such as morning gymnastics, beach and guided hiking tours (history, local herbs & plant education, city tours in Lisbon).



The Botanic Guesthouse is situated in a scenic area that is situated just 20 minutes from Lisbon city center. The open space consists out of 4 hectare that is available for all our guests to stroll around. The Quinta Sao Pedro offers a Natural Pool, Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis and many more activities to choose from. The central heating is an important aspect of fasting as the body should stay warm and it provides the opportunity to lay back and relax in a warm and cozy space.



We will provide transport to and from the airport, also the city tours and other external activities are included so you don't need to bring your own car. If you wish to rent a car you are free to do so, but we will not provide any insurance in case of damages. Also, flights have to be arranged by the guest and they are responsible to provide us with the flight details so we can pick them up and drop them off from the airport.


Fasting Week:

We are inviting you to spend a week in a refreshing environment to not only recharge but also give your body back the vitality it deserves. There will be an initial consultation, we will reach out to you (email or phone if preferred) to go through your health history and food habits. On the first day, we will go through the fasting method, the daily plans and routines, activities and supporting procedures like liver compressions with essential oils. In the evenings we will exchange experiences and I will present different fasting related topics such as changes in your metabolic system within the fasting time and how you can change your eating habits after the fast. Aside from staying in a lovely home, we will go for hikes to explore Lisbon and its surrounding areas.

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Individual Fasting, Lisbon, Portugal

Fasting from the comfort on your home!


By Appointment


1 Week


600€ p.p. Couple

1000 € Single

We will join you on your Fasting Journey for 1 week from the comfort of your home. We will discuss with you everything that is needed for a successful week of fasting.


Meaning we will go through a "meal" plan for the week, exercises, routines, presentations on what is happening with your body, daily support and much more. 

Fasting with a coach is easier as you have a support person that guides you and keeps you on track.


We are there for you, just a simple message away or even a call when you need it. We will be coming by every day to make sure your questions are answered and that you can succeed with the knowledge we provide.

Online Class

Online Fasting

We are here to educate you on a healthier lifestyle!




1 Week


120€ Online

We provide you with all the instructions and support required to do a successful fasting week from the comfort of your home.


We will come to you or do an Online session over a Video Call. There is much to learn in such a short time:  


- Daily routines

- Medical History

- Preparing "meals"

- Planning physical activities

- Learn the benefits of fasting

- Nutrition Journal

- Herbal & Aroma Therapy

- Daily Presentations and discussions


This service is not only for people looking to fast but also that are trying to change their health & lifestyle.

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Buchinger Fasting, Algarve, Portugal

We will be Co-Coaching in the beautiful south of Portugal


5-14.03. 2024


9 Days


1120 € Singleroom

920   € Doubleroom

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

If you want to extend the summer, come to the "Algarve" (Arabic: the country in the west) in November. Here in the extreme southwest of Europe there are still corners of paradise to discover. Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we take time for exercise, relaxation, and conversation. We hike on the kilometer-long sandy beach and marvel at the backdrop of the breathtakingly beautiful, orange-colored rocky coast. We visit the typical white villages with their characteristic ornate chimneys, let our eyes wander into the distance over the sea, hike in the Serra, the hilly hinterland or just sit quietly in the sun and experience the meditative tranquility, only accompanied by the sound of the sea.


From November most of the tourists went home, the Algarvios are with a few exceptions to themselves. The heat of summer has given way to a gentle warming, mild sun, and the occasional rain makes the green sprout in the gardens and landscape. Fasting hiking is first about relieving the strain on the soul, body and spirit, which this wonderful landscape invites you to do.

“Keep good things. Leaving out bad things. Avoid superfluous” With this quote from the Dutch botanist and physician Herman Boerhaave in mind, I would like to accompany you through this Lent. Enabling stocktaking and a new direction of our lifestyle.


 The hikes are easy, mostly flat to slightly hilly, with a few short but steep ascents and descents on the steep coast.


In a ***** holiday home complex, in very spacious, luxurious villas with 3 - 4 bedrooms as well as terraced houses with 2 - 3 bedrooms with pool and garden, single and double rooms; each room with its own bathroom.


Prices: single / double 850 € - multi-room apartment, single 900 € apartment.

7 nights in a double / single room with shower / toilet

Fasting meals, seminar fee, hiking tour


book the participants themselves.

Airfares are very different and must be inquired about on a case-by-case basis.



from / to Faro airport is organized and carried out by rental car or shared taxi.

Rental car: In order to get to know different regions, we have to be flexible. For this we take a rental car or a minibus. The rented cars are used to transfer individual hiking areas and back. The costs for this will be billed on site according to consumption and passed on to the participants. Experience has shown that approx. € 60 to € 80 per person.

Day activities:

Our typical daily routine begins with morning gymnastics, followed by tea, juice and a fasting discussion, departure for the hike approx. 3-5 hours including breaks, after return 2-3 hours rest. Time for a liver wrap or a massage, which can be arranged on site. Fitness room and steam sauna can be used.

6:30 p.m. Evening fasting meal (vegetable broth), short presentations on fasting, nutrition, health issues and lots of tips for the time afterwards. End the day with meditative relaxation.


Registration deadline:

4 weeks before departure. Thereafter on request.

Minimum number of participants:

8 people


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