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Our walking Tours 


Costa Caperica – Fonte da Telha

A 26 km long sandy beach connects the two towns of Costa Caperica and Fonte da Telha. Both used to be sleepy fishing villages. Whereby unsightly building sins were committed, especially on the Costa Caperica in the 1970s. Surfers and kitsurfers are nevertheless magically attracted to the high Atlantic waves. This is also what makes these places so attractive and charming. Everywhere you meet the wiry people with their boards and dreadlocks. In order to leave everyday life behind as quickly as possible, our first hike traditionally leads to these two places.

Lagoa de Albufeira

At the end of the long stretch of coast of the Costa Caperica, there is an unexpected lagoon that extends about a kilometer inland. On the Atlantic side is this one protected by a high dune and on the land side 3 small rivers feed this natural spectacle. A haven for bird watchers on land and for kit surfers on the water side. You can hike this beautiful place from the beach or through the pine forests on the rocky coast.

Skyline at Night

City Tour Lisbon

Lisbon is a charismatic and vibrant city that is one of the must-sees in the whole Europe matters. A welcoming and warm atmosphere awaits you. The city has her preserves a rich heritage and is aware of its varied history. The city is popular as a travel destination for young and old alike. We will in our explorations repeatedly come across the date of November 1, 1755, the day on which Lisbon died Tragedy of a very strong earthquake, resulting fires and bitter Finally had to experience a tsunami. The "seven hills" on which Lisbon was built will offer us a varied day with wonderful views.

Mills Hike Palmela

A route through the old but well preserved windmills in the Serra do Louro, on the On one side you have a view of the beautiful city of Lisbon and on the other side can enjoy the mountains. This path invites you to entertain. There are no big gradients and so you can just relax and talk about what you are into moved during these days of fasting.

Image by Erik Knoef

Serra Arrábida

It's hard to believe that this picturesque countryside is only a 40 minute drive from away from Lisbon. The coastal road Estrada de Escarpa runs through this impressive natural landscape. There are many hiking trails also for the little ones bathing beaches with beautiful, blue water. We have one on the way magnificent view of the former Franciscan monastery Convento da Arrábida.

Casilhas-Christo Rei

This hike is for graffiti fans and contemplative minds. The hike starts at the ferry dock in Casilhas. Many professionals but also tourists use the ferry Lisbon. It goes along the Tagus at the old warehouses, which are now works of art became. “Christo Rei” greets us from above. One of the most important Lisbon landmark. It shows Christ with outstretched arms, walking around the city bless. The statue was erected in the 1950's in gratitude because Portugal largely spared the horrors of World War II. From the 80 m High viewing platform gives you a spectacular view to the other Tagus side and over Lisbon striking panorama.

Religious Statue

Cabo de Espichel

The southwestern tip of the Setúbal Peninsula is what we know as windswept Cabo spittle. An impressive rocky coast with high Atlantic waves catch the eye of the caught by the viewer. In the barren landscape there is a former monastery, the important lighthouse and even dinosaur footprints. Picturesque coastal paths invite us to last hike. Now, after 6 days of fasting, we can maintain our good condition enjoy and thankfully say goodbye.

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