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Lisbon is our home



Lisbon is the capital of Portugal with 2.6 million people living in the vicinity of the city. Lisbon is the economic and cultural center of the country. A unique and varied city with narrow streets that combines the charming Old Town with to the modern shopping centers. Here you still can and should let your mind and soul wander.

A bit of History

Lisbon is located on the mouth of the Tejo river. The center is  formed out of the lower city, Baixa, the business and financial district. It has been restoured after the severe earthquake and following tsunami on November 1, 1755 that went up to the Marques de Pombal, which has been rebuilt in the Parisian boulevards style. The main square is located on the banks of the Tejo river and is encapsuled by Castle Hill (Castelo de São Jorge), Alfama, Bairo Alto and Chiado.

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Our Fasting Program

Home preparation

In the week before fasting, you start to reduce fat, coffee and alcohol. Start reducing from the top of the pyramid and work yourself down. One day before fasting you can eat rice, porridge or 3 servings of fruit. Alternatively, you can also have a plate of cooked vegetables for lunch.


We give you an individual dose of Glauber's salt (sodium sulfate decahydrate) between 30 and 40 g  dissolved in water. During the next one to three hours, you will have several bowel movements. Fasting begins with a thorough colon cleansing. The body changes from intake to excretion. The nutrition starts from the inside; hunger disappears. You are now living on your own resources of your body.

Health People Fast

People are made to live without food for a while, our instincts prevail and we will use our body resources. Fasting means much more than just giving up food. Fasting is a holistic process. Although the cardiovascular system and muscles of a fasting person continue to function normally, they often do not respond as quickly as usual.

Start the day

While you are still in bed, stretch yourself vigorously. Before getting up, sit on the edge of the bed for a few moments. If your blood pressure is too low during your fasting, try the following morning activities, as described by Sebastian Kneipp, one of the great pioneers of naturopathy: Short cold showers stimulate blood circulation and strengthens the healing power of the body. Rub your body with a coarse terry towel with long, vigorous movements or with a sturdy bathbrush or bristle glove. Start with the tips of your toes and hands and brush with circular motions towards the heart.


We know that this topic can be a bit difficult for some, but it is important for your well-being. The intestine plays a major role in our immune and hormone systems. As one of the most important and sensitive organs, it absorbs nutrients and eliminates metabolic end products. For cleaning and detoxification during fasting, the intestine must be flushed every other day. More details onsite.


While you are fasting, you can start to get active, even if it was not your routine before. You should be aware that your psyche will also be affected by change. Obviously everyone has not only physical, but also emotional luggage. So do not worry if you have moving dreams, unpleasant thoughts or are moody.

Day to day/no sport

~ 25 % Fatburn

~ 75% Sugarburn

During Fasting

~ 85 % Fatburn

~ 15% Sugarburn

Longterm Benefits

  • Prevention of most chronic & nutrition-related illness e.g. Rheumatic conditions, Dermatological complaints, Heart & Circulation problems

  • Changing unhealthy eating habits

  • Learning new ways to eat & enjoy life

  • Development of a new relationship with one’s body

  • Discovering what really matters in life

  • The positive experience of abstinence

  • Freedom & independence (the art of letting go)

Mediterranean Diet

After breaking the fast with an apple and 2-3 buildup days, we recommend the Mediterranean and wholefood diet. Buildup days count as fasting days. The imbalance between the energy content of our diet and its consumption through physical work has plagued us for the past 50 years. The Mediterranean as well as the whole food diet can help us to find a healthier lifestyle again. Foods such as virgin, cold-pressed olive oil, lots of fruits and vegetables, complete with whole grains and plenty of water can lead to a balanced diet.

Mom Detox_edited.png

Reactions in the body

Cosmetics from the Inside Out


A fasting week, organized in the form of courses, under the direction of fasting coaches is highly recommended. We provide comprehensive information and a supportive fastening community. Fasting weeks simultaneously serve the purpose of continuing education and self-realization. The various supplementary programs improve one's quality of life; a stronger sense of your body, creativity, learning how to eat consciously, relaxation, meditation, self-help from Mother Nature's pharmacy, and much more.


Please note that a fasting week for healthy people is not therapeutic fasting.


It's always impressive to see how the face of a fasting person changes. After only five days of fasting, the puffy “full-moon face” with feverish red blotches begins to relax and regain its characteristic contours. Dull eyes become clear; restless glances become steady. A growing self-confidence can be read in the features. During a fast, the fatigued, resigned, gray face of the person suffering from exhaustion first turns inward, becomes quiet, and collapses a bit.


After some time, it fills out, regaining its freshness and delicacy. The eyes begin to sparkle. After this restructuring process of the soft, smooth, elastic skin the blemishes have disappeared, and wrinkles are smoothed.


Helmut Luetzner: "The new life fasting guide"

A little bit about us :)

What is Billeyam?

Based on the story of Balaam (Billiam) from the Old Testament, I see for myself and others, that there are always "curative breaks" in life.


Balaam has only his goal in mind and does not see the warning angel on the way, he instead presses on his donkey.


We often do that with our body, as well as, with our soul. Therefore, I would like to invite you to take these gifted days to stop time. 


Yam, from Yami-Yami, that's delicious and good. Start eating consciously and make corrections without fanaticism. 


3 Dimensions of Fasting

Fasting is a curative way for the whole person, it is considered the supreme discipline of naturopathy. It is a natural process that gives the body rest and regeneration. But fasting is also an act that opens and makes people attentive and moves them towards solidarity. Therefore, one speaks of the three dimensions which are the physical, spiritual and social. 


Through my work in the sub-nutrition center in the Children's Hospital in Luanda, the social and Christian aspect is very important to me. We all live in one world and our western lifestyle has global implications. I will report on my projects in Luanda and who is interested can help there specifically.

Our Courses are also Online

Fasting from the comfort of your Home!

"7 days without despondency!"

Lent campaign of the Evangelical Church in Germany

We are there for you online & offline with a detailed introduction and support in fasting with gymnastics, recipes, personal discussions in the fasting group, evening relaxation and a end of day chat. Check out how a day with us would look like. 


The participants are welcome to make the day variable. This plan is for guidance. Those who have the time are welcome to take a walk or do an extra round of gymnastics, yoga, pilates, etc. It is also important to have time for muse, writing a diary, reading, listening to music, painting, dancing or just doing something that is fun.


We are charging 120 euros, the next Sessions will be held between 15-22/03/2024

Meet our Partners & Suppliers


Our Partnes

We work closely with with our partners to ensure the highest standarts and quality, so you can enjoy your time during Fasting. 



German Evangelical Church Lisbon Fasting support during in the passion time. With daily impulses, 7 weeks without blocking / 7 weeks without 2021

Gabriela Freudenreich

Physiotherapist based in Lisbon  

Home Visits in Lisbon and surrounding 

Physio Therapy,Shiatsu, Cranioscranal Massages and much more.  

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Carlos & Carole M.

Carlos is a Portuguese Pharmacologist and Carole a Bio Engineer, they just opened their Pharmacy in Germany. 

They provide us with our Fasting KIT. 

Annotation 2021-01-21 202431.png

Annette Wiedmeier

Cosmetic and Podiatrist 

Supplier of Primavera Essential Oils

She helps us create the our fasting oils to provide you with the best experience

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League of Friends

Due to my previous work in the feeding center of the children's hospital in Luanda, I am still very attached to the fate of the little patients. Maybe you think about it. Use the money you saved on food during your fast where many families can only afford one hot meal a day, if at all. Maria Paiva can be seen here in the picture, continues to work in the playrooms of the hospital that we founded. One dimension of fasting has always been social work and alms sharing.

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