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Buchinger Fasting is much more then just another diet!

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What is Fasting?

Fasting is the conscious, voluntary and timely abstinence of solid nutrition.

According to Buchinger/Lützner, Fasting consists of a carbohydrate modified diet, which takes between 5-10 days for a healthy person. It´s an invitation to switch from external to internal nutrition. A natural process that offers the body tranquillity and regeneration.


Where we host you in Lisbon!


Since 2020 we have been running the fasting retreats in the Quinta Sao Pedro. We enjoy the 4 hectare botanical field research center, delving into nature just 15 minutes away from Lisbon close to the Atlantic Ocean. The property has over 200 unique plants, which are used for research and thus makes this a very special place. ​This beautiful estate is designed in Alentejan style, typically known for its blue windows.


​The wide space provides little retreats for taking a break, being part of nature and reflecting. It has a natural pool if zou are keen on a quick dip. The common room is used for daily meetings, presentations and evening supper. The bedrooms are held in their original style with furnishings, bathrooms and have double/triple beds, but of course you can book one privately. For more information, visit their website


What we will do for the week


We will take you on beautiful hikes, all in a 30 minute radius from the Quinta Sao Pedro


You will feel the rush while enjoying breath taking views of the Atlantic coast during our walks. 


You will spend the time in a group of likeminded people seeking a healthier lifestyle. 


We will show you around Lisbon with a guided tour, making sure you learn about its wealth of history.


Buchinger Fasting Program with juices, tea and vegetable soups. Not forgetting a 2-3 liters of water per day. 

Meet your Fasting Coach

Sybille Dölker Correia da Silva

I have been specializing in the field of prophylaxis for 35 years. As a health and nutrition coach I would like to accompany and support interested people to find, a new balance in their lifestyle and eating habits. This can be initiated with a 7-10-day fast for healthy men and women according to the Buchinger / Lützner method.

After completing the nursing school I moved to Überlingen on Lake Constance. For five years, I worked in the city hospital and learned that this small town with two large therapeutic fasting clinics, the Meka of Fasting. I started working in the Buchinger-Klinik and was enthusiastic about this kind of holistic treatment.


I could see the results of fasting in chronic diseases like rheumatism, diabetes, hypertension and many more. I followed my husband, to his native country, Angola. 


I first worked in the malnutrition center of the Children's Hospital in Luanda. This showed me the other side of voluntary fasting, called HUNGER.


Nurse, Fasting Coach, Health & Nutrition Coach

To counter this, I founded Mundo do Amor e.V. in Germany. The association was able to help with medicine, food and clothes in this desperate situation. Most importantly, we have created playrooms for the little patients where they still receive attention and loving care up to today.

For over 6 years, I worked at the American Embassy as a link between the staff and local health facilities. I gave instructions on avoiding food poisoning and a healthy lifestyle in the tropics.

Over the years, nutrition and prevention have been my focus. In 2016, I received my certificate as a fully certified fasting coach at the German Fasting Academy. I have been training as a health and nutrition consultant since 2017 and am certified since 2019.

In addition to my mother tongue, I speak English and Portuguese. This gives me the opportunity to guide groups in these languages and thus offer visitors and locals a common fasting experience.



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